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“A youth rifle safety and procedure program allowing children to participate in an Olympic skill sport while fostering healthy competition.”

For comprehensive information on the program and competitions, go to the following link:           


Postal Match Competition Information

The First Round of competition for the 2021-2022 American Legion Three Position Air Rifle National Championships Postal Match officially opens September 1st and postal match completion target set sales and registration closes December 15, 2021.

First round targets are due back to CMP by February 21, 2022.  

Once registration is open, the Official Match Program will be available here:


Grant Assistance for Standing up Teams

If your youth shooting team is in need of assistance, below is grant information from the NRA to assist youth shooting sports teams with equipment, range development, etc.

Note that December 10 is the submission deadline for South Carolina for the 2019-2020 grant selection block.

Please visit our website for all information on our grant program and application process.  Make sure to check the state deadline for your state.

If you need assistance with building the range, please visit:

Please go to   Click on the three black horizontal lines next to  "Menu".  On the pulldown menu go to "Grants", then click on "Apply for a Grant"  follow the instructions to choose your state, then answer the questions on the short quiz.  Next you will come to the login screen.  If you are a new applicant, click below the email field: "Click here to create an account".  If you are an existing applicant, log in with your information.

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