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Welcome to the State Director’s page for the American Legion Riders of South Carolina (ALRSC), a program of The American Legion Department of South Carolina.  The American Legion Riders are Veterans and family of Veterans who are motorcycle enthusiasts with a desire to give back to their communities and fellow Veterans and families.  We have 21 Chapters located throughout the state of South Carolina and are always encouraging other American Legion Posts to start ALR Chapters.  We need your support as a member to continue our mission throughout the state.

The American Legion Riders were formed:

·To use our association to promote and support programs of The American Legion, which include the programs of the four pillars of Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth. Each of these pillars encompasses a variety of programs that benefit our nation’s veterans, its service members, their families, the youth of America and ordinary citizens.

·To participate in parades and other ceremonies that is in keeping with the aims and purposes of The American Legion Department of South Carolina,

·To promote motorcycle safety programs and to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share the same interest.

The American Legion Riders is not a motorcycle club, and does not practice motorcycle club rules or regulations.  The American Legion Riders is family-oriented, just as is its parent organization, The American Legion Department of South Carolina. 

 Eligibility requirements for membership in the ALR is:

  • Members must hold membership in and be in good standing with The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion or join these organizations upon application for membership in the ALR.
  • Members must be the legally registered motorcycle owner for a street legal motorcycle with an engine displacement of 350cc or larger or be the legally registered owner's spouse within the state of registration.
  • All operators must be properly licensed and insured per state laws.
  • All members must obey motor-vehicle laws in the state in which they are operating a motorcycle or riding as a passenger.

Each Chapter is a Program of the American Legion Post in which it resides. Each chapter manages its programs at the post level, where the best ideas are born. All the Chapters together make up the ALRSC and each Chapter is represented at the state Riders Executive Committee by their Director and at the convention each year by delegates. 



The Riders are part of many projects and events, including:

  • Annual state and national legacy ride for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to the children of those killed on active military service since 9/11 or rated by the VA as 50% or more disabled.
  • Locating those deceased Veterans who are unclaimed in local coroner’s offices or funeral home and providing an honorable and respectful burial at national cemeteries in the state.
  • Riding to honor fallen military men and women, and to protect the sanctity of their funerals from those who would dishonor their memory.
  • Local charity events in support of The American Legion and local communities.
  • Raising money for VA hospitals, women and children centers, children and youth centers, schools and other facilities.
  • Sponsoring or participating in motorcycle runs to benefit numerous charities.
  • Local memorial ceremonies and community parades.
  • Escorting military units to departure airfields and airports for combat tours overseas, and welcoming them home upon their return.
  • Rolling Thunder, the annual POW/MIA rally in Washington on Memorial Day weekend.

For a video overview of The American Legion Riders program, click here:

If your local American Legion Post in SC doesn’t have an American Legion Riders chapter, you can still be a member in another Chapter close by and retain membership in your post as you work to start your own Chapter.  An American Legion post only needs 10 qualified members (including spouses) to start a local chapter of the American Legion Riders.

If you are already a member of the ALRSC you can buy your Rider regalia and other merchandise at the American Legion Flag and Emblem store at:

For more information on the ALRSC program or for assistance in finding or starting a local chapter, please contact Alan Osborne,  State Director at






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