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Vision Statement


“The Department of South Carolina American Legion strengthens our state and its communities, with programs and services for our veterans, the military and their families.” We accomplish this by our devotion to mutual helpfulness


Department Commander’s Vision Statement


Every Post takes the initiative to be proactive, growth oriented with informed, trained and knowledgeable members who understand and communicates the programs and principles of The American Legion to all eligible veterans, military personnel, community and Post members.  Every Post establishes and actively uses the Buddy Check Program.



I. Image

- Every Post should create a vision statement, if you haven’t done so already.

- Legionnaires are considered to be in uniform when wearing the official American Legion cap, therefore all Legionnaires will be encouraged to wear their Legion cap during all Legion activities.

- Every Post should exemplify the ideals of the American Legion as set forth in the preamble and vision statement. (When National talks about a "Perfect Post", we want them to point to South Carolina posts).

II. Partnership


- Every Post should establish a viable, functioning American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion Squadron and American Legion Riders Chapter.

 III. Public Relations

- Every Post should utilize available media to educate and inform the community of local Post and National patriotic events and other local Post activities.

- Every Post should establish an annual Public Relations plan outlining the Public Relations activities of the Post as overseen by a Public Relations committee.

 IV. Programs

- Every Post should endeavor to promote and accomplish one or more American Legion programs annually.

- Every Post should endeavor to increase its participation in American Legion programs annually.

 V. Training

- All Department Officers must attend all District and Department meetings and training workshops.

- All Department Officers (elected and appointed) must take and successfully complete The American Legion Extension course within 45 days of installation at the Department Convention.

- District Commanders shall be available to assist Posts in training as needed, i.e., Post Leadership Workshop.

- District Commanders along with Post Commanders and SAL officers will endeavor to establish leadership workshops in their area of responsibility.

- Posts will utilize Post Checklist as devised. Vice-Commanders, and District Commanders will follow-up on checklist.

- District Commanders will encourage blue-cap Legionnaires to take The American Legion Extension Institute course.


VI. Mentoring

- Every Post member who signs up a new member should introduce them to the Post. The new member will be provided a mentor until they are familiar with rules and activities of the Post.

- Every Post will establish a mentoring program for inactive Legionnaires, including those Legionnaires confined to nursing home, hospitals, or homebound.


VII. Membership

- Every Post should be 100% annually (95% renewals plus 5% new members).

- Every Post and the Department should be 100% by The American Legion birthday in March.

- Statewide membership goal is to enroll 8% of the state's eligible veterans by 2024.

- Department membership goal is to be 25,000 members by 2024.

VIII. Communication

- Every Post should endeavor to keep Post members informed by the proper dissemination of information received by the Post.  Every Post should establish a Buddy Check monthly program and ensure that members are actively involved.


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